I’m back and I’m here to stay!

I’m back and I’m here to stay!

Hey folks, it’s me J. I decided to re-launch my blog and from now, I’m planning to post some of my new recipes every once in a while. How often? I don’t know yet. Maybe once a month, maybe less. This mainly depends on how much spare time I have. I also wanted to thank everyone who’s been following “It Ain’t Meat, Babe” for the last couple of years and would like to invite you guys to, again, follow me on my journey.

As you also may have seen, the site has had a little makeover. Nothing too fancy, but it looks much nicer now and it’s also much easier to handle in the backend. Also, page load time has improved a lot and according to an expert friend of mine, this is something that search engines really value. Apart from that I’ve also published some of the receipts from the old blog, those that were most popular. Feel free to take a look…

What else is there to say? Nothing that I can think of right now. Except, I’m working on my first receipt at the moment. It’s going to be a modification of one of the earlier receipts I had on the old blog. So, stay tuned and I’m trying to post it as soon as I can.


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