Saturday, July 16, 2016

I say goodbye. I say hello.

Heeeeeeey, everybody. So, it's been a while. Maybe you've wondered what happened to this blog or what happened to me. Good question. Well, mostly what happened is that I had a second child. Yes! He's amazing. His name is Joey and he's now almost two and hilarious and sweet and can't sleep through the night for anything. Milo, Mr. First Kid, is now almost four and smart and fun and also hilarious. But hey, who knew two kids under four would be such hard work? Everyone, I guess. The number one thing people say to me when I tell them the ages of my kids is, "Wow, so you're BUSY." 

Yes I am busy. Too busy to write recipes and blog and take photos. But, thankfully, not to busy to cook, eat, and use Instagram. So, please, if you still want to see what I cook, and especially if you want to learn expert ways to hide vegetables in meals, come follow me on Instagram. I'm there as "itaintmeatbabe". No recipes, but lots of ideas and maybe some griping here and there.



Lynn said...

I'll be there!

greenly said...

Just found you on IG...yay!