Monday, September 3, 2012

This whole "making a person" thing doesn't seem to leave much time for recipe creation

Hello everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I've been a terrible blogger as of late. Actually, I wouldn't presume that anyone HAD noticed, except last week I got some e-mails from readers asking a) if everything was all right, and b) if I'd gone ahead and had the baby and not told anyone about it.

First of all everything is FINE! And also I'm still pregnant and still waddling through my days with minimal issues. Haven't had the baby yet, which is a good thing because I have just over a month to go until my actual due date. And also we haven't been able to move into our house yet, but that's a whole other story.

still pregnant

But it was sweet of you to be concerned.

The reason I've not been blogging is simply that creativity in the kitchen has been tough to come by these days. I'm still making dinner every night (for The Man of Science, my parents, and myself) but lately I've been either making dishes that I've made a million times before, like a vegan Spanish omelet, or I've been making super easy delicious things that do not require a blog post's worth of instructions, like some naan pizzas. Luckily, my whole family is so glad that they don't have to make dinner, no one complains about simple and/or repetitive meals.

My appetite has also changed, mostly because my stomach, which previously was in charge of what went on in there, is now playing second fiddle to a kicky, wiggly, hiccupy tenant. I just can't eat as much in one sitting as I used to, which makes me less excited about food.

There's also heartburn. Heartburn makes me dislike some of my previous friends, like tomatoes and club soda, and curry. I am taking some (pregnancy safe) medication for it, which helps, but I still have to be careful what and how much I eat or I start to feel all burny, regardless of the pills.

Delightful, eh? Though really I have very few significant complaints. I've had a very healthy, happy pregnancy so far and the baby is doing well, apparently in the 80th percentile for size already (take THAT lady-in-my-office who skeptically commented that she guessed being a vegetarian while pregnant wouldn't be too bad because at least my baby would be small and easy to push out).

But please, regardless of my bad blogging behaviour of late, please keep me in your readers and favourites lists because soon I will need to tell you all about my new kitchen, my new kid, and all the things I'm going to make with the Vitamix that I got as a baby shower gift because my friends are amazing.

Stay tuned.