Sunday, July 15, 2012

Toronto Instagram Adventures

I had my first migraine in months this week and wow, was I annoyed. It wasn't a horrible migraine, as migraines go, but seeing as I'd gone most of my pregnancy without migraines, I was beginning to harbour a slight hope that pregnancy had cured me of this particular affliction. No such luck.

So instead of writing about this past weekend, which consisted of me being hot, cranky, migrainey, and watching about 7000 episodes of Bones on my laptop while lying in bed with the cat, I've decided to catch you all up on the trip I took to Toronto a few weeks ago.


 I took the train down to Toronto, and justified the expense of Via One with the rational that a) I'd be staying with friends and spending very little money while I was actually in the city and b) hey, did I mention I'm pregnant?

For the first time ever, my vegan meal request was lost in the ether, so I was somewhat out of luck with it came to my provided dinner on the trip. I wasn't too worried, given that I had snacks in my bag and I knew the meals always came with salads and bread. I started off with a club soda, and then enjoyed the marinated veg salad of zucchini, tomatoes, and portabellos and then ate a bunch of bread. I optimistically accepted the vegetarian dish that was on offer, some kind of pasta stuffed with cheese and covered in tomato sauce. I thought maybe I could eat around the cheese. Yeah. Not super easy in a dish like that. I gave up quickly and had a Probar to round out my meal then fell asleep listening to Superchunk on my iPhone.


I was staying with my friends Nicole and Alex and their awesome little boy, Jacob, but they had work, work, and daycare on Friday, so I happily navigated the TTC streetcars and made my way to Sadie's Diner to meet up with my friend Marion, who I hadn't seen in years. She is nowhere near vegan, so I wasn't sure if she'd be enthusiastic about meeting me at a vegan diner/juice bar, but she was completely up for it and we had an epic breakfast and catch up session in the comforts of a booth by the window. I had a giant plate of pancakes and sausages and Marion had an (egg) omelet. We both had smoothies and tea and I was thoroughly stuffed when I took off to Silver Snail to do a bit of birthday shopping for the Man of Science before meeting The In-Laws of Science for yet more food at Fresh on Bloor.

I like cooking for Nicole and Alex when I'm staying with them, since they are very appreciative eaters. I made burritos for us the first night when Jake was out on the town, and then all four of us had dinner together the next night when Nicole and I prepared together. We made pasta with fresh pesto from their garden, mixed with avocado and tomato, plus a salad of greens, pears, toasted pecans, and a mustard vinaigrette.

I have to say here that this meal did a lot to dispel the doubts brought on by SO MANY PEOPLE saying things to me like, "Oh, you're never going to be able to keep cooking and eating the way you do after you have your baby! Kids don't like that kind of food! You'll be making him macaroni and cheese and eating processed meals over the sink!" Jake is almost three years old and he sat at the table with us and ate the same meal we did without complaint. He even made polite conversation while he was doing it. I'm not saying all kids are like that, but it gave me hope.


The next day my train didn't leave until the afternoon, so we were able to have brunch at a cute place called The Beet. I had a great vegan avocado and tomato sandwich and some potatoes. I also ordered a vegan smoothie to go when we were leaving, because the smoothie that the guy at the next table was having looked so good. The cafe was very vegan friendly and also kid-friendly in the kind of subtle way that doesn't automatically render it non-adult-friendly. It was a great way to finish my trip.

Well, okay, the Go Max Go bars I bought for my train ride home were a great way to finish my trip. But brunch was great, too.


6 comments: said...

sounds like a great trip! all your meals look delicious!

Mélanie said...

I must comment on the "kids won't eat healthy stuff" comments you keep getting from people. I get them less and less, as my kids are now 7 and 3 and happy little vegans! They do have the occasionnal non-vegan food and grandma's, such as french toast or non-vegan muffins, but nothing scary like hot-dogs and Kraft Diner. They're not perfect eaters, they both dislike avocado, any type of stewed veggie dish and anything too spicy, but mostly they happily eat the vegan food I prepare for them.
Getting children to eat well is alot easier than getting adults to do it :) Kids come to us with an opened mind and it's our job to show them all the delicious healthy food that's out there!

awesomeveganrad said...

sorry about your migraines! the food looks delicious, though. that whole 'kids won't eat that food' train of thought drives me crazy. i ate what my parents ate growing up, and i have friends who feed their kids a healthy vegan diet without complaint. it's all in how you decide to raise your kid!

Anonymous said...

Growing up I ate heaps of veggies! Still do.
My mum just always encouraged me to try new things and we also had a garden out the back and being able to see the plants grow and get excited about it helped a lot with wanting to eat it.
Lots of kids eat healthily and love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and recipes, however, I'd love to request that you join Bloglovin' so that I can subscribe via there- it's my favourite place to keep up to date with the blogs I read.

awesomeveganrad said...

Thinking of you, because it must be about baby time in your house! Hope all is going well and happy!