Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Pregnant Lady Special

the "pregnant lady special"

If I had a sandwich shop I'd sell this sandwich and call it the Pregnant Lady Special because right now I want to eat it ALL THE TIME! Kamut bun, vegannaise, baked tofu, avocado. There's some yellow mustard hiding under there, too. This is also excellent with Tofurky slices if your husband doesn't eat the last of them. (But baked tofu is healthier, so really he did me a favour).



T said...

This looks amazing to me! I haven't seen a ripe avocado in ages.

Shannon said...

Yum! I am not a huge tofu fan, but tempeh bacon TLTs are easily my favorite sandwich.

Lois said...

I went and looked for a recipe for Baked tofu, because that looks like a delicious idea for work lunch.