Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Break

winter shadows

Hey! Don't fret, I'm still here. Thanks to those of you who sent notes asking if everything was okay. I know I've missed my regular blogging for a bunch of weeks now.

I've been feeling somewhat uninspired for a while, finding it hard to come up with new things to cook. It is still cold and dark here. I'm still commuting each day which eats into my cooking time. Weekends have been for relaxing more than for doing elaborate kitchen projects.

So, I'm taking the rest of this month off. I'll be back in April, so don't take me off your blog reader lists or anything. I'm looking forward to getting back into some creative cooking next month.

I'll see you then.



Trista Hill said...

GREAT to hear from you and enjoy your time off. I LOVE that you are taking it, knowing exactly what you need for yourself. Wishing you inspiration in whatever form!

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said...

Ugh, I know what you mean about the cold and dark not being so conducive to kitchen inspiration! Enjoy some rest time, and I look forward to reading in the happy happy spring time.

lisa said...

thank you for all of your recipes. They have enriched my life. Look forward to more when you feel more like sharing.