Sunday, January 8, 2012

Start Spreading the News: Vegan in New York

New York Trip

So, my real Christmas present from The Man of Science this year was a trip to New York city for the two of us. I've been to New York a bunch of times, but never with him and never with a hotel stay as part of the plan. Don't get me wrong, I love sleeping on my friend Hallie's couch, but having a room at the Ritz Carleton with a beautiful view of the water was nothing to sneeze at, either. Good work, Husband!

We were only in the city for two nights, so I concentrated on enjoying myself as opposed to lugging out my camera to take quality photographs of everything we ate. I did, however, snap a lot of little pictures with my cell phone, and I've turned them into these lovely collages for you. Isn't it just as good as being there?

Up there you'll see the new shoes I got at Moo Shoes. Wheeee! I've always hesitated to order shoes from their website because the shipping/import fees are steep and I am wary of purchasing shoes without trying them on first. So it was great to actually be in the store and to see everything up close. Plus they have three cats! Store cats! After I bought my shoes I went around the corner to Babycakes for a vegan chocolate coconut donut. My last Babycakes experience was somewhat underwhelming, but this donut made up for that. It was stupendous.

Vegan heaven

Of course, I packed a million snacks to keep my blood sugar on the straight and narrow while we travelled. I found these ProBars were the best as far as filling me up and tasting good went. That plus a dose of Emergen C was my pre-breakfast breakfast each morning.

Next you see the menu for Kate's Joint, a place I might never have discovered were it not for a recommendation from erstwhile citizen of New York, my friend Krishna. We went for lunch after walking for hours around the city and I fuelled up with a vegan club sandwich and fries while the Man of Science had a tofu steak covered in vegan gravy and mushrooms. Yum. I really liked this unassuming, fully vegetarian little place.

Another recommendation of Krishna's was S'Nice largely because it opens at 8 AM and I like to eat breakfast as early as possible. Plus all the food is vegetarian and a lot of it is vegan. The Man of Science and I both had their tofu scramble wrap for breakfast with coffee for him and a smoothie and tea for me. This place was also great, with a big menu of vegetarian sandwiches, a reasonable list of breakfast choices, and lots of good space for sitting and reading the three newspapers we'd amassed on our walk over.

New York Trip More

Our hotel was in Battery Park and we had a great view of the Statue of Liberty. I took a bunch of pictures of it at different times of day.

Our first night in town involved meeting my friend Joe for dinner at Dirt Candy. The food was very beautifully presented and the company was excellent, but the actual deliciousness of our dishes varied. The appetizer of jalapeno hush puppies was really good, and my gnocchi entree was tasty, but a lot of the other things we tried were underwhelming as far as flavour goes. I always expect to be bowled over when I go to a fancy vegan place, especially in a big city, but this wasn't quite there.

The next photo is of my aforementioned club sandwich at Kate's, and the following one is the sign from our table for two at S'Nice. I liked that the two-person tables were reserved for non-computer users, having attempted the night before to go have tea after dinner only to be thwarted by a coffee shop with no free tables for sharing. Every single table was taken up by one person and a laptop, leaving an empty seat on the opposite side and no where for our party of three to sit. Boo!

We had our last dinner of the trip at Blossom, which I took absolutely zero photos of because I was trying to have a romantic night and keep my feet pointed at my husband. We had delicious ravioli and pretty good empanadas for appetizers, and then I had the pistachio-crusted tofu for my entree (yum!) and the Man of Science had the port wine seitan, which was weirdly sweet. For dessert he had their housemade ice cream and I had an amazing chocolate ganache cake with peanut butter sauce and vanilla cream.

in Soho

And now we're back at home with the dogs and cats and my mom (my dad is now away on a trip himself). Back to work for real tomorrow.



ciaochow said...

I love everything about this post, especially the word "erstwhile".

Asteroidea Press said...

Was that the S'Nice in Greenwich Village? I saw Malcolm Gladwell there once!

foodfeud said...

Fun, fun. I like to see my city through other people's eyes...especially since I so rarely get out into it myself, and when I do, probably take it for granted. Kate's Joint is super cute!

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Aww, so glad you had fun in New York! Sounds like you got a pretty awesome tour of east coast vegan eats... and really, what other reason is there for traveling to another city?! Babycakes' carrot cupcakes are my favorite (the vanilla/chocolate are kind of meh).

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said...

Ahh travel gifts are the best!

Darn, this post makes me really want to visit NYC. Just curious, did you bus or fly, and if you bussed, was it awful? It's just the 10-hr bus ride that always deters me from making the trip.

Jennifer (It Ain't Meat, Babe) said...

We flew to Newark airport on Porter and went into the city from there. It was fairly painless!