Monday, December 19, 2011

And the Winners Are

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First of all, thanks so much to everyone who commented. I loved reading about your favourite socks and your chocolate preferences. I loved that the sock preferences skewed to the stripey and cosy, which mirror my own sock preferences excellently.

Yesterday afternoon, when the deadline for commenting had passed, I put everyone's names in two bowls (one for raspberry, one for ginger) and interrupted my mom's Coronation Street watching to get her to pull two names out of the bowls. And the winners are...

For the orange-ginger bar: Lauren! Her comment was, "Ginger! My favorite socks are some American Apparel ones I have. But I am getting a couple of hemp socks for Christmas that I am really excited about." I actually read Lauren's blog and I know that she runs marathons (!) so obviously socks are very important to her. Congratulations, Lauren!

For the raspberry bar: Chelsea! Her comment was, "I would love the raspberry! Also, my favorite pair of socks would have to be knee highs with blue stripes..." I don't know anything about Chelsea beyond that comment, but anyone who likes stripey knee-highs is all right by me.

Chelsea! Lauren! You have until Wednesday to send me your address at jwhiteford @ gmail . com. I will send the chocolate on Thursday and it should reach you in a week or so.

Happy Holidays from me (and my socks).

White Christmas at Megan's


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