Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Saturday Breakfast

breakfast at Megan and Dave's

On Friday I went to a dance party at Raw Sugar and then got to sleep over at Megan and Dave's house. In the morning Megan and I ate oatmeal and talked about cardigans. It was perfect.



Katherine @ Heartfelt said...

love the steel cut oats! was just thinking that it's that season again! : )

also love your other blog - good luck with all the construction - very exciting!!

shannon said...

I'm still trying to learn to love steel cut oats. The first few times I hated the texture, but I think they are starting to grow on me.

selina said...

I love Oatmeal. Especially with dark chocolate chips, coconut, pecans & walnuts!

Asteroidea Press said...

Yay! Cardigans and oatmeal!

JESSY said...

MMmmm yum oatmeal! I could live on the stuff. Do you like to put any fun toppings on yours? Or just keep it simple? I guess it kinda depends on the mood I am in! For me, it's usually just flax seed and sliced bananas. Lots of bananas!