Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Fought the Slaw and the Slaw Won

purple slaw

I couldn't resist using that title. Even though it would seem more accurate if I'd tried to make a slaw and been defeated by it, which was not the case. This slaw is a winner, yes, but I was not defeated by it. I ate it happily. Everybody wins. I guess I'm just a lover, not a fighter.

So, there was this cabbage. It was in our vegetable crisper and it had been there for several weeks. My family has never been a cabbage eating family and so I kept forgetting it was there. But I was hesitant to get rid of it, since it is really the last vegetable from our summer CSA share and it seemed a shame to just give up on it. You can pry my local vegetables from my cold, dead hand.

dirty cabbage

So I poked around and looked at a bunch of recipes, then threw caution to the wind and forged ahead with my own vegan franken-recipe. And you know what? This was really damn good. Crunchy and flavourful and a bit sweet. My parents and the Man of Science and I ate this as a side dish with some tofu-pecan sliders and oven-baked sweet potato fries for a Saturday night dinner. "I want to have this every night," said my dad when he finished his meal. Too bad we're only living with my parents for another six months or so.

purple slaw

Purple Cabbage Slaw

1/2 one medium sized purple cabbage, cut into thin shreds.
1/2 one sweet yellow pepper, sliced thinly
1/2 one sweet red pepper, ditto
2 fuji apples, peeled and cored and sliced thinly
1 very small onion, sliced thinly


1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise (I used Vegannaise)
1 tsp agave nectar
2 tbsp lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl.

Combine all dressing ingredients, mix well.

Toss salad ingredients with dressing. Leave in fridge for half an hour.

To serve, garnish with sesame seeds and parsley if you want to be all fancy.

This served all four of us and we had about half of it left over for lunch the next day. The taste gets even better when it sits in the fridge, so leftovers would be great to take for a few workday lunches.

purple slaw



selina said...

I love cabbage but often times don't like coleslaw. Your slaw looks good though.

Tt in nyc said...

I love the idea of adding apple- i actually had an affair with my new mandolin last winter and turned anything i got my hands on into slaw! Celeriac, kholrabi, beets, fennel- you name it, usually i add a good dose of vinegary dressingand some salted sunflower seeds it actually is better a day or two later

foodfeud said...

Yeah I love that this has apple and bell pepper in it too! And I'm with you on the cabbage thing. Waste not want not, but sometimes it's hard to find new ways to use cabbage up. Good thing it lasts for ever.

thursdayswithwanda said...

I hate cabbage. But I love Vegenaise, and I love the way your slaw looks, so maybe I'll try it.

T said...

Yum that does look good! Cabbage lasts forever and there'sso freaking much of it in Germany... I'm getting tired of making sauerkraut so this is a great recipe to have on hand!

Zoa said...

Cabbage is one of those foods (for me at least) that you never really crave, but then once you start eating it, you're all "Why don't I eat this every day?" like your dad. And the red stuff is so very pretty in its raw state!

Vic Robinson said...

I love the look of cutting open a purple cabbage! Soo good! :)

Mattheworbit said...

This looks great... so colourful! I have to admit that I have never made a slaw, despite having a mandoline slicer...

Michaela said...

Your blog is amazing! Love finding new recipes from fello vegan/veggie friends!