Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where Do You Put Your Lunch?

lunch to go

This is my lunch from yesterday. It is somewhat similar to the lunch I recommended for Joe. A small thermos full of warm carrot and parsnip soup, Mary's crackers, a peanut butter and banana muffin, and some almonds mixed with bits of a raspberry Cocoa Camino chocolate bar.

I ate this partly while sitting in the cramped office of the site I was working at and partly when I was driving back to my office. I didn't have to buy any extra food, which always pleases me.

I've had that little thermos for a long time. It has a drinking spout which makes it great for using while in transit. Much less soup in my lap that way. The glass containers are from Anchor. They are reasonably priced and very useful.



Lois said...

Those anchor containers are my favourite as well. I used to get cheap glass ones from the Dollarama but they chipped too easily and one day I had a mouthful of salad with glass chips mixed in. My only problem with glass containers is when you have to walk to work. Then it's heavy, especially when a drink or soup is added!

JESSY said...

Mmm that carrot and parsnip soup sounds delicious!

Leslie R. said...

I have a little red cooler with stickers all over it. I carry it every day and reuse jars, fabric sandwich pouches, ziplocs, and plastic containers :)

foodfeud said...

I love your theme. I'm always interested to see how people transport their lunches to work (and eat them) because I'm a little weird about touching snacks and food with my hands. I wish I had some better tupperware and carrying stuffs!

the [sugar] apothecary said...

High five! I have mini glass Pyrex bowls 'n lids that are the PERFECT size for lunchy things (like homemade hummus), and I get to carry them around in this badass lunchbox:

and this hamburger bowl is AWESOME for the cereal and cut up fruit combo: