Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let's Do Lunch: Vegan Mofo 2011

carrot soup for lunch

Well, goodness. It's time for Vegan Mofo (AKA Vegan Month of Food) once again! The month where vegan food bloggers from across the globe post as much as they possibly can. And then everyone needs to have a big nap when it's all over.

Last year, some of you will remember, I chose "Comfort Food" as my theme and attempted to post every day of the month about some delicious, comforting vegan food item. It was an ambitious month and led to some of my favourite recipes I've ever created. Like Whiskey Apple Crisp. And Creamy Tofu Wild Rice Casserole.

This year my life is all ass-over-teakettle, what with us just having moved in with my parents. It means a new kitchen, a new rhythm of cooking, and a new daily schedule. It means commuting to and from work and juggling that travel with vet appointments, meetings with the people who are designing and building our house, and maybe some social engagements. In other words, my time in the kitchen has been curtailed.

So here's my theme. Lunch. Let's do lunch, Mofo-ers! I have to eat lunch every day, and lunches are eaten when it's light outside, and are consequently easier to photograph. Plus, I've been a bit of an idiot about my lunches lately, so I'd like to get back to making interesting and creative things to eat whether I'm at home, at the office, or working in the field*.

I'm also hoping to do some posts that will have me putting together lunch suggestions for friends who may need some new suggestions for their own mid-day meals. Stay tuned for that kind of cool stuff.

So, let's all gather around and put our hands together. Vegan Mofo on three.




*FYI, I don't mean a literal field.


Leslie R. said...

"Ass-over-teakettle!" I love it :)
Happy MoFo!

Karena said...

heh... I was just thinking that I wished lunch was my *experimental* meal of the day, because the lighting is so much better for pics! Great theme, can't wait to see what you come up with. said...

I'll happily do lunch with you if it'll look as good as that soup & bread! Happy MoFoing!

jessy said...

lunch'n for MoFo is a brilliant idea, Jennifer! i never miss a lunch and lately my lunches have been kinda boring, so i can't wait to see what you'll be enjoying and get some new 'n tasty ideas. superw00t!

happy vegan MoFo!!! squeeeeeeeee!

adriennefriend said...

Excellent theme!

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Oh, do I know that "ass-over-teakettle" feeling well! I love your MoFo theme. I had the deadline marked on my calendar but missed it anyway... in the midst of all the ass-over-teakettle-dom.

Lunch is a great idea! You're totally right about the daylight issue, too. Can't wait to see what yer cookin this month.

Katie said...

haha When I was a kid, my dad would sometimes tell my mom that he would be working in the field as he left for work in the morning (pre-cell phones, so if he was in the field, there was no way to get in touch with him). I usually imagined him standing in the middle of an expanse of wildflowers, in his suit and tie, talking with someone equally important.

Lunch sounds awesome! I usually just eat leftovers for lunch, but I've been in kind of a rut lately where dinner doesn't really excite me which means leftovers REALLY don't do it for me. Hopefully there will be freezable options?