Friday, October 7, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiveganing

Those of you in Ottawa may have heard me on CBC radio this morning discussing Tofurky, what it's like to be a vegan at Thanksgiving, and what I like about Thanksgiving itself. Or at least I think that's what you would have heard me discussing. I didn't catch the broadcast myself, unfortunately. I'm hoping that they'll put the piece up on their website. We'll see.

On that note, here are some recipes from the past that you might want to make if you're stuck for Thanksgiving dinner.

Vegan Shepherds Pie

Mushroom Gravy For A Crowd

Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake

Vegan Apple Pie



awesomeveganrad said...

that looks like the best thanksgiving spread ever!

VeganLisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer.

I love Ottawa at this time of year. The leaves are such brilliant shades and the air is crisp. I wish I was heading there for a visit. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your apple pie looks so perfect.

jd said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So cool that you were on the radio discussing the awesomeness of veganism during such a meat-oriented holiday :)

That broccoli rice casserole looks amazing, by the way (as does everything else!). I'm gonna check out the recipe right now...

corrinadarling said...

all that food looks amazing. i'm totally going to start celebrating canadian thanksgiving so i get to eat these kind of yum-yums twice. happy holiday!