Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vegan Adventures Close To Home: La Belle Verte

I had Friday off last week, which meant I had a super-mega-long weekend, what with Labour Day and everything. Sadly, I knew most of the weekend would be dedicated to packing up/organizing things in our soon-to-be-abandoned home. To keep from going mental, I decided that Friday was to be filled with fun activities rather than responsible ones. And what a good idea that was! Friday was a wonderful day that started with pancakes and ended with beer and somewhere in the middle was lunch at La Belle Verte in Hull, Quebec, a (mostly) raw vegan restaurant that I'd never actually been to before.

La Belle Verte

Friday was hot and sunny so Krishna and I (in our matchy vegan hemp sneakers. Nerds!) got on our bikes and cycled over the bridge to Quebec. It only took about fifteen minutes to get to the restaurant, which made us wonder even more why we'd never been there before. It was about 12:30 when we arrived and the place was packed! We wedged ourselves (and our cameras and bike helmets) into a small table for two and studied the menu. The food on offer is all vegan and mostly raw, but there are some cooked options like a noodle bowl and a variety of sandwiches. There are also daily smoothies and desserts. They were out of that day's green smoothie, so we just stuck with water to drink. Most of the dishes can include a side salad for a few extra dollars.

Raw Greek Pizza

Krishna ordered this raw greek pizza dish with salad. She gave me one of the pieces to try and it was really flavourful. I'm always suspicious of non-traditional pizzas (even though being vegan means I don't eat regular pizza anymore!) but this had a lot of the same flavours as traditional pizza, what with the raw tomato sauce and herbs. There was also a creamy texture from cashew cheese. Tons of flavour, lots of different elements.

Raw Quiche

This was my meal, a raw quiche with salad. I was expecting it to look much different, more like the raw cheesecakes that I've had in the past, but then the server did warn us "it's not like a regular quiche!" It wasn't, but it was amazingly delicious regardless. Lots of great flavours, mostly nut-based ingredients, and a variety of textures. I ate it all. The salad was fresh and tasty as well, but I left my pile of sprouts on my plate because they are satan.

Mango raw "cheesecake"

We had dessert, of course. All in the name of a full experience of a new restaurant. Krishna had this raw tropical cheesecake which had chunks of pineapple and mango in it. I was glad she wanted that one because chunks of fruit in things do not appeal to me. I am a texture wimp. She said it was delicious. I didn't ask to try any. Besides I was busy with my own dessert.

raw chocolate strawberry cake

This was more my kind of thing! A raw chocolate strawberry cake. The pink colour was only the top layer, the rest was creamy chocolate. Yum. I love raw desserts. There were also raw tarts and brownies on display, which gives me something to look forward to next time.

La Belle Verte

The place itself is very cute, clean, and comfortable. The kitchen is open and there's a lot of natural light. Plus there are lots of little owl sculptures everywhere, which I found adorable. All in all, a super fun lunch adventure and not at all far from central Ottawa. I can't wait to go back.

Owls at La Belle Verte



ciaochow said...

I think you summed it up perfectly when you said, "It's one of those restaurants I would go to in a different city and whine that we don't have anything like it in Ottawa!"

Technically it is in a different city (different province even!) but so close. I, too, look forward to going back.

Haha, nerd sneakers.

tweal said...

I love that restaurant! The Greek pizza is so delicious, and their other one is too - actually everything I've had there has been wonderful. I'm really happy to have a raw restaurant so close to home.

foodfeud said...

Cute! I've only been to one raw vegan restuarant but I'd love to sample more..it just gets so expensive.

JESSY said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Those pancakes look so good!

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Satanic bean sprouts! Strawberry chocolate cake! Raw tomato sauce! Quite an adventurous day, my friend. I probably would have opted out of the tropical cheesecake concoction, too. Go for a tart next time! Sounds like a fun lunch.

Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said...

I remember going here when I was working in Gatineau! Such a cute place. The Greek pizza looks superb, as does your chocolate strawberry cake,

jaguarkitchen said...

Everything looks sooo amazing up here! YUUUM!
I'm following you from now on! Hope u don't mind ;)

Leslie R. said...

Looks super fun. I am a "texture wimp" too!