Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday in a Wordless Week


Sorry friends. My computer died on Sunday so I didn't have my usual time to sit and prepare a longer post. Don't worry, I'd backed everything up (thank you Man of Science for buying me an external hard drive and also for gently informing me that yes, I did need to buy a new computer even if spending all that money made me want to throw up a little) and nothing of import was lost. But I can't quite figure out the new version of iPhoto. So all you get this week is this adorable photo of my red casserole dish.

Also, I had a really long day and I need to go lie on the floor and listen to Sleater Kinney now. Be back soon.


1 comment:

the [sugar] apothecary said...

OHHH NO! Ugh, thank you for another reminder of why I have to back up my photos and things a little more frequently than I do (as in... once every six months or so, if I'm lucky). My laptop's been doing this weird bouncy-mouse arrow thing and randomly shutting off for no reason... I think it's hinting at the idea of giving up on life completely. But your casserole dish certainly is adorable :)