Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Vegan Tapas Madness

tapas dinner

The Man of Science requested tapas for his birthday dinner and I was excited to oblige. Even though I got cranky towards the end of the cooking marathon because the kitchen was too hot and I was tired. FYI, it is bad form to get irritable when you're doing something nice for someone else. It made me feel like a bit of a jackass. Next time I'll keep myself in check!

spanish tortilla

The meal was delicious, thankfully. The only dish I'd made before was the spanish potato tortilla. Other foods served included olives, bread, aioli, mushrooms cooked in sherry, fried rice and avocado patties, and these excellent grilled eggplant rolls (layers of Chinese eggplant and roasted red pepper wrapped around Tofurky sausage and served with cilantro sauce):

eggplant rolls

Also a triumph, the vegan key lime pie he'd requested for dessert. I used my cashew cheesecake recipe as a starting point, but used a graham cracker crust instead of the walnut date crust. A whole lot of fresh lime juice and toasted coconut later, we ended up with this delicious pie.

vegan key lime

I loved trying new recipes and having them come out so well. It's always a kick for me. And the Man of Science loved it too, albeit from an eater's rather than a cook's perspective. Which is what having birthday dinner is all about. Happy birthday, Man of Science. You're my favourite.



foodfeud said...

The grilled eggplant roll ups look amazing, and I love that plate they're on!

T said...

Um, yeah, those eggplant roll-ups? Instant classic. The Man of Science has good taste in birthday foods!

And that key lime pie looks spectacular...

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Oooh! I love when you get a challenge from a loved one, especially when it's a birthday request or something special (but I also totally know the cranky factor that sets in after awhile). Looks like everything came out great! And the key lime pie sounds SO delicious!

Sarah is in Tanzania! said...

do you have recipes for the other tapas you made...avocado patties, eggplant rolls, mushrooms? everything looks so delicious!

chelsea said...

I just found your blog and I love love it. I recently started a vegan diet and am encouraged by your adventurous recipes.
PS- I love kale too. Especially stir fried with sweet potatoes.

Amy said...

Amazing spread! Saw your book in an Asheville NC bookstore a few days ago. Congrats!