Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dosarama - Guru Lukshmi in Mississaugua, Ontario

"spicy" tofu dosa

The Man of Science and I had to take a somewhat unexpected trip to Toronto this week, so I don't have a regular recipe post for you all right now. All I cooked before we left were muffins, and since approximately 77% of the recipes I post are muffin recipes, there's no need to post yet another variation of that theme.

Instead, let me quickly tell you about the restaurant where the Parents of Science brought us last night for dinner. We are staying in Mississauga, an industrial-parky suburb of the city, so pardon me if my hopes for vegan food weren't super high. However, in the middle of strip mall, right alongside a pet store and a convenience mart, there was Guru Lukshmi.

thumbs up

The restaurant was jammed when we got there, all bright lights and crying babies. We were the only white people in the place, which I took to be a good sign. The menu is full of variations of dosa, all made on site and served with a variety of condiments. We started with some appetizers, which I forgot to photograph. My favourite were the vada(s?) deep fried lentil-based donuts. Really, what's not to like about something deep fried and donut-like which also manages to include lentils? The rest of the table also had samosas*, which looked very nice as well.

I was enthralled by the Indian cola pictured above. Thums Up! The waiter was a bit thrown when the Man of Science ordered some and wanted to know if he'd been to India and tried some. We said no, we were just curious. He brought two bottles of the drink which tasted just like Coke to me, as I am no cola connoisseur. The waiter explained that the bottles are reused over and over again to bottle the drink. And sure enough our bottles looked like they'd been around the block a few times.

masala dosa

I knew immediately that I wanted the Masala Dosa, just like I eat at my beloved Ceylonta in Ottawa. The Man of Science mocked me for ordering something I'd already eaten, but a) I wanted to compare it to Ceylonta's version, b) it was one of the few options without butter or cheese, and c) shut up, I just like it.

As it turned out, it tasted really similar to Ceylonta's version, only with slightly less filling inside. What really stood out for me were the condiments. I will not even try to identify what everything was, but I loved the heavy, fresh cilantro flavour in the green, coconuty dip the best. I totally cleaned my plate.


So, this was a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend it if you find yourself in Mississauga. Much appreciation to my in-laws who did the research to find the place and who are always happy to go out for vegetarian food when we see them.


* I have a bit of a samosa thing, similar to my vegetarian lasagna/chili thing. Basically, I overdosed on them in the years when they were one of the few ubiquitous vegetarian items available and now I have no desire to eat them when there are other options on offer.


aztextpress said...

Thanks for all of your recent Dosa recommendations. We'll keep them in mind next time we are in Waterloo or Mississauga. We LOVE Dosa but the veg restaurant in Kingston where we used to eat them has closed! :(
We'd like to attempt to make them for ourselves... have you ever tried and if so, got a good recipe?

Mary said...

Yum!! I just tried Dosa for the first time last week and it's my most recent post as well. I will have to keep this place in mind the next time I'm in Mississauga. Thanks!

Jennifer (It Ain't Meat, Babe) said...

I actually think the first commenter got our blogs confused, Mary! Nice to know we're doing a virtual tour of southern Ontario Indian food!

aztextpress said...

Ooops! Sorry about that! I knew I had recently read a review of a dosa in Waterloo and since not many of the vegan bloggers that I read are here in Ontario, I just assumed it was you!

Actually, the other dosa review was Mary's... your other commenter!

Pauline said...

That's so funny because my husband and I were in Toronto recently too! We weren't in Mississauga though, but I know where to go in case we ever find ourselves there!:)

Pearl said...

coca cola used to be rebottled indefinitely too. wish we'd go back to that. some local milk producers return and reuse glass bottles.

the Indian meal looks great.

know what you mean about muffins. I can't photograph yet another pizza sometimes so I skip it.