Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Food Year! Some Reflection and My Favourite Recipes from 2010

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2010 was an amazing year for me and for this little blog. I feel like I got a real handle on what I want this blog to be and I've loved getting to know internet friends through comments and correspondence and by reading other blogs. It Ain't Meat, Babe is a really cosy corner of my life and I'm hoping it stays that way through 2011, which will be a year of big changes for us around here.

In the spring of 2011 The Man of Science and I (and all of our pets!) will be moving out of our house and in with my parents for about six months while a brand new house is built for us here on this same urban lot. Which means my days in this lacklustre kitchen are numbered. I'll spend six months cooking in my parents' well-equipped kitchen and then move into my new house with a kitchen (and garden!) designed just for me. I can't even get excited yet because such an amazing thing hardly seems possible.

I promise to keep everyone updated in my slightly wild future life. But for now let's talk about the past. Here are some of my favourite recipes from 2010, month by month.

Happy Food Year 2010

In January I did a bunch of cooking from Tal Ronnen's book The Conscious Cook so I could be interviewed about it on CBC Radio's In Town and Out. These were some of the most complicated dishes I've ever cooked and also, thankfully, some of the most delicious. The big hit at the time was the Agave Lime Tofu, but it's the chocolate peanut butter cake that has become a never-fail staple in my baking repertoire. I've also used the cashew cream recipe a bunch of times, but I can't say I've attempted many of the other recipes since first making them.

In February I made some heart shaped cranberry oatmeal muffins to celebrate Valentine's Day. The Man of Science didn't notice they were heart shaped until he'd already eaten a few, but hey, at least I tried to be gastronomically romantic.

In March I continued my awesome breakfast ritual of making pancakes for myself when I have Fridays off. This time I made some sugar-free blueberry sauce to go along with them and took one of my favourite photos of the year. Then I ate them by the window while watching 30 Rock on my laptop, as is my custom.

In April we had an awesome games night party and I made a ton of lovely food for our guests including a big checkerboard cake decorated with fondant and oreos. It was my first attempt at fondant and I totally loved it. Our party guests were pretty stoked too.

In May I started thinking about the upcoming gardening season and thinking about my favourite vegetables. A one-pot-wonder dish with chard and chickpeas was my favourite recipe of the month, and I got great feedback from readers who made it in their own kitchens.

In June I harvested the scapes from my garlic plants and made some awesome pesto. I passed the recipe on to all my fellow volunteers at the Shepherds of Good Hope Community Garden because no one knew what to do with the scapes that we were cutting off all our plants.

In July I started reading more about raw foods, especially raw desserts. I brought a lot of strawberries home from the farmers' market and turned some of them into raw strawberry banana soft serve.

In August, wow, so much happened in August. Most importantly the Man of Science and I eloped to Las Vegas which was the greatest. When we got home I made some wedding cakes for my friends Spencer and Isabel who also got hitched that month. The wedding cakes were the most elaborate baking I've even done.

In September I went to New York for a week to hang out with my friends who live there and to see Pavement play in Central Park. I ate so much good food I did a whole week of posts about it, starting with the most delicious sandwich I've ever had.

In October things started settling down again. I made an amazing Earl Grey Tea Cake and brought it to my friend Michael's house to share with my favourite friends.

November was Vegan Mofo and I posted 27 times in 30 days, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I devoted all my posts to vegan comfort food and late in the month posted one of my favourite dinner recipes ever, Creamy Tofu and Wild Rice Casserole.

And then December arrived and the year came to close with me watching my favourite Christmassy romantic comedies and cooking recipes inspired by them. The most exciting of those recipes were the very British chocolate digestive cookies. I bet Colin Firth is sad that I'm already married and I am not available to personally make these cookies for him.

Happy New Year, everyone!



Esen said...

Such a great recap of the year in food, on It Ain't Meat, Babe. Thanks for being one of my favorite food blogs and I'll be sure to follow into the new year as well!


Sarah B @ Bake + Bike said...

Man, all those dishes look amazing! And that is very exciting about the new house avec kitchen and garden! Can't wait to read about it.

So glad to have discovered your blog in 2010 :)

tweal said...

yummy recap :)

I love the new blog header, btw.

Pauline said...

Great overview of a great blog!
Tal's book has hard to find ingredients and the prep can take awhile, but the meals do taste great. I'm intrigued by the Agave Lime Tofu, I will have to try it!