Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegan Mofo Comfort Food: Man of Soup


Have I ever told you that Tuesday is the Man of Science's night to make dinner? Well it is. Although I enjoy being Queen of the Kitchen, I do relish this once a week night off, especially since he cooks things that are often different from the things that I cook. He also decides what to cook during the day and shops for ingredients on his way home from work, which often means things are in keeping with the weather, or our moods, or what we have been craving/talking about/reading about. For example, tonight he made a spicy noodle soup because I've been feeling a bit under the weather and he thought the soup would help. He's nice like that.


The soup wasn't super spicy, which is the way I like it. It was very flavourful and warming and it didn't take him very long to make. He used this recipe from the mighty internet and, from what I can tell, followed it very faithfully. There's even leftovers for lunch tomorrow, which is good because if I'm still feeling yucky, I'm going to stay home and rest. Blargh.



foodfeud said...

Lots of soup recipes in the bloggy world today - I think a lot of people are feeling a bit off.
This soup looks amazing with all that broccoli and tofu! I hope it helps you feel better.

astrorainfall said...

The Man of Science is really nice... I wish my guy would make me yummy vegan food when I am sick. Once he made me a watery green smoothie while I feebly called out the instructions from the futon. My guy is like The Man Who Is Afraid Of Cooking...

Hilary said...

Ooh that looks really yummy. My partner used to do dinner once a week too, but I stopped him because week in week out, it always involved ground beef.