Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegan Mofo Comfort Food: Chocolate Cookies

more cookies

I am rushing, rushing, rushing to get myself ready for my trip to Montreal tonight. Also rushing to get dinner cooked so I can have a nice meal with the Man of Science before I take off and leave him with only the pets for company. But I wanted to keep up the Mofo by posting this photo of the cookies I made to give as thank you gifts to the friends who are driving me to Montreal and the friends who are putting me up when I get there. Hooray for good people! And good cookies!

These are the double chocolate walnut cookies from Veganomicon. Another never-fail recipe. As you can see I omitted the chopped walnuts and went instead for pecan halves on the tops. It think it makes them look all dressed up. Highly recommended if you're looking for an easy, amazingly chocolaty treat.



Jeni Treehugger said...

They look crazy good.
Oh and I wanted to say that every time I read your blog I get that Bob Dylan song stuck in my head. I can't read the name of your blog without singing it to that tune.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that this recipe will be posted. They look too scrumptious not to bake!

Jennifer (It Ain't Meat, Babe) said...

Sorry! I don't have permission to post the recipe, but its from the Veganomicon cookbook that is widely available!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Those look fantastic!

Maija Haavisto said...

Recipes are not protected by copyright though (the actual instructions can be intepreted as prose, but the ingredient lists aren't). All smart cookbook authors know that someone posting a good recipe from their book will only increase the sales if anything. (Of course, I'd still recommend that everyone gets Veganomicon!)

The pecans at the top make the cookies look very fancy and sophisticated, have to keep that in mind!

Jennifer (It Ain't Meat, Babe) said...

Regardless of copyright, I don't really want to post someone else's recipes without that person's permission. If I had more time to plan the post, I may have asked for permission, but this whole posting-every-day thing is making my blogging a bit more "seat of my pants" than usual!