Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Gourds!

ornamental gourds

So, maybe you got some compost from your friend Geoff. And that compost was great! Thanks, Geoff! And then you noticed a tiny plant coming up in a place where you'd planted nothing. It looked like a squash. You love squash! Geoff must have eaten a squash and put the seeds in his compost. Cool. So you let the plant grow and grow. And grow. And take over one entire garden plot. All in the name of squash. And then, the plants flowered and started to bear fruit.

Well, not fruit per se.

Ornamental Gourds.




HayMarket8 said...

:) cute!

T said...

You can't eat them? Well at least they're pretty.

Jes said...

Free decorations! :) The gourds are super cute!

Carolyn said...

Yes, free decorations and then the squirrels can eat the seeds! Or chipmunks, depending on locale. I love surprise plants, but then I'm easily entertained... said...

They're the squash mirage of fall!