Friday, October 1, 2010

New York Food-o-rama: Part Four (the grand finale)

Brooklyn Flea Market

Wow! Five post in five days! You won't see this again until Vegan Mofo. Which is next month, by the way.

My last full day in New York was Saturday, so Hallie and I went down to the Brooklyn Flea Market to poke around. She teased me for my heat-sensitive Canadianess, but holy crap, it was hot. Not that it doesn't get hot here in Ottawa. Just not in September. When I left, Ottawa was already deep into sweater weather, so the get-my-hair-off-my-neck-before-I-die weather of New York was a shock to my system. As a result, my usual appetite flagged a bit, and we didn't end up eating anything until lunch time. Luckily, the flea market has a pile of different food vendors to choose from. I was super thirsty and therefore delighted to find a vendor selling big cups of watermelon juice.

amazing watermelon juice at the Brooklyn Flea Market

It was amazingly refreshing. I would have gone back for a second cup if there wasn't a large line of similarly thirsty New Yorkers waiting for their own juice.

While I was seeking juice, Hallie texted me: "Do you want a pious?" I was pretty sure that wasn't an actual thing, but just in case it was some Greenpoint delicacy I texted back, "I don't know what that is." Hallie replied that she'd get some extra to share, and then minutes later sent another message saying she'd meant "pupusa", not "pious". Ah, the hazards of auto-complete.

vegetarian and vegan pupusa

She arrived with two pupusa. One with cheese and assorted vegetables as the filling and one vegan one with zucchini as the filling. Even though we didn't have the non-vegan condiments that were supposed to go with them, they were both very tasty. We enjoyed them while resting in the shade.

We split up after the flea market and I very bravely took a variety of shuttlebuses and subways to get myself back to Bedford avenue, where I bought myself a nice bag, then got some iced tea and went to sit in the park and read.

After a little while, Joe came to meet me and we walked back up Bedford to go to Bliss for an early dinner.

Bliss on Bedford

I was starting to feel like maybe the Cold That Everyone Else Had was descending upon me. But I was in enough denial to order some ginger beet juice in an attempt to hold it back. Joe ordered what he called a "Canadian Lemonade" (because it was sweetened with maple syrup) which apparently was too strong for human consumption. He made quite a face after the first sip and did not take any subsequent sips.

For dinner I had what I think was called the "Harvest Plate". A very satisfying collection of lentils, tofu, kale, vegetables, cornbread, and rice with a tahini miso dressing. It was really great, but unfortunately did nothing to kill the cold that overtook me while we ate. Joe had quesedillas, which looked good. And BTW The Ergs were an awesome band.

Joe and me at dinner

After dinner I got minorly cranky because of my sore throat and stuffy head, so we just walked back to Hallie's place and watched TV on glorious Hulu (a luxury that we can not access in Canada) until I was too beat to sit up. Blargh! Stupid cold.

And thus ended my trip to NYC. No more trips for a while, I'm laying low this winter, but everyone is welcome to come visit me. I'll even cook for you. I'm working to perfect my own version of that vegan chicken bacon ranch sandwich.



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Pauline said...

Wow! I've missed some great posts on your blog! Time to catch up!
Your trip sounds really fun, I like the quirky photos (which are the best kind) combined with photos of food.:)