Monday, September 27, 2010

New York Food-o-rama: Part One

vegan cake!

Hey! Wanna try my genius new diet plan? First, go to New York City. Then, eat giant amounts of amazing vegan food. Then walk. Everywhere. All the time. Miles and miles of daily walking in the decidedly un-autumnal city heat. Do this every day for a week and you'll return home a few pounds lighter and with visibly more defined calf muscles.

I got home yesterday from New York and along with my well defined calf muscles I brought with me a Real American Headcold. So I spent all day today in bed until the Man of Science fed me soup and spring rolls and that perked me up enough to get started on this Epic Week of New York Food Posts. And so we begin with Curly's Vegetarian Lunch.

curly's walls

My friend Hallie, who graciously let me sleep on her couch all week AND took me all over the city to show me fun stuff to do and amazing food to eat, is a big fan of Curly's. She and our friend Frank and I went there for breakfast/lunch on Thursday. I had my usual intense option paralysis when faced with an extensive menu of vegan choices. At first I thought I would limit myself to the breakfast menu (I was very close to choosing kamut pancakes with veggie bacon) but then the sandwiches started calling my name. And I'm glad I listened.

totally vegan "chicken bacon ranch" sandwich. Awesome.

This, my friends, is a completely vegan "chicken bacon ranch" sandwich. And wow, it was good. The soy chicken was breaded and super crispy, the tofu bacon was salty and the ranch dressing was all creamy and unifying. One of my top five sandwiches of all time. The sweet potato fries were also better than your average fries. They were almost freakishly light and crispy. I would eat the whole meal over again right now if I could. The juice in the photo is carrot, beet, ginger and it was also delicious. I ordered it because I was worried about getting the cold that everyone in universe seemed to have and I thought some mega juice and ginger would stave off the germs. We all know how well that worked.

Hallie and me after brunch

We were so full after our meals we had no room for all that vegan cake that is advertised in the first photo (curses!) but that didn't stop us from gazing with longing at the menu of treats (not vegan, sadly) next door at Led Zeppole.

led zeppole

Will someone now make me a vegan funnel cake? Please?

Adventures in big city eating will continue tomorrow. Stay tuned!



Jasmine Tara said...

yum!! and wow! now i really cannot wait to go to new york :) Great post and man that food looks good.

T said...

I know the feeling of vegan menu paralysis. And you're all freaked out that you'll never get this many vegan choices again... looks like you made the right one though! Ah NYC!!!

Azzahar said...

Totoro meat:D Fried Oreos sound scary to me. Get well!

Jennifer (It Ain't Meat, Babe) said...

JT: It tasted even better than it looked!

T: I get like, "What if what I order is the one mediocre thing on the menu?" Tragic! Also, I think you especially will like the next post that I'm putting up later today.

Azzahar: Ha! The totoro meat cracked me up too!

The Voracious Vegan said...

I need, yes, NEED a chicken bacon ranch sandwich. That is truly a thing of beauty.

ciaochow said...

I must make the effort to get to Curly's next time I'm in NYC. Looks so great! I lurve fake meat stuffs from time to time.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Ricki said...

Sorry you caught the cold! Hope you're better soon. But was it worth it to eat at such great restaurants--?? Curly's looks fantastic!

Sarah S. said...

Looks like we were in nyc at the same time. I thought for sure I'd gain weight from all of the amazing vegan food, but the heat + constant walking definitely had the adverse affect for me as well. We did not dine at any of the same restaurants, however I did enjoy a vegan pupusa from the Greenpoint flea market on the same day (Sept 25, right?)! I even sat on those same cement steps to eat mine. How funny! Too bad I didn't end up in the background of your photos, that would have been a riot.