Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stupendously Easy White Bean Sandwich Spread

White Bean Spread

So, apparently, there's some kind of large, international sporting competition happening right now in the Western portion of my home country. It's so important that somehow our Prime Minister has been allowed to shut down parliament for a few months. And also, 30 Rock hasn't been on for two weeks, which leaves me quite short on TV-related hilarity. My arms-crossed-cranky-assed teenage self was right: sports does ruin everything.

Just kidding. Kind of. It's true I'm not interested in the Olympics. Or sports. But I don't begrudge people who enjoy them, especially those who participate in sports or exercise. I, myself, enjoy running. Not that I've been running since winter showed us what its made of. However, just as we can all feel the sun getting stronger, I can feel my desire to run coming back to me.

What does this have to do with sandwich spread? Well, almost nothing. Except this is the kind of healthly, proteiny, delicious type of food I start to crave as I think about coming out of winter hibernation. The Man of Science and I had this on some sandwiches last night alongside bowls of black bean soup. Extra beans! And this spread works as a dip as well, as you can see up there with the carrots. So the leftovers go a long way. Enjoy!


White Bean Sandwich Spread

2 cups cooked or canned white beans
1 cup artichoke hearts
1/4 cup fresh cilantro
4 sun dried tomatoes (I used the kind that are packed in oil)
3 tbsp lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse to combine. I left mine a bit chunky so the nice red and green of the tomatoes and cilantro could come through.

Some Notes:

-I just noticed this week that the bean aisle at Bulk Barn is labelled with a big sign reading "Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit!" Really. I applaud whatever corporate smartass came up with that idea for the sign.

-This is one of those dishes that, minus the fresh cilantro, could be made entirely from non-perishables that you have in your pantry. I wouldn't omit the fresh herbs, though. They make a huge difference.

-Last year, the Man of Science and I were at a favourite tapas place and the bartender asked us when our anniversary was. We don't really celebrate any anniversary, but I did know the day of our first meeting (because I'm a soft-touch and I kept the page from that year's agenda book with its tiny note about a "dog walk" on Sunday, February 11th) so I piped up with that date. And then promptly forgot the whole thing in favour of more wine. This year, a card arrived in the mail from the restaurant congratulating us on our anniversary and offering a discount on a meal to celebrate. Hooray! So tonight we are going out for our discounted anniversary dinner. Which is waaaay more romantic than it sounds.



Penny said...

Oh wow, yay romantic discount coupon! Excellent work, bartender.

Ricki said...

That DOES sound stupendous! I am bookmarking this recipe. Bummer about 30 Rock, too, eh? ;)

The Voracious Vegan said...

This looks SO good! I love dips and spreads of any kind, but this one looks especially delicious. And Yay for that restaurant sending you a coupon, have fun!

Allison, The Busy (Happy!) Vegan said...

I love bean dip and can't wait to try this one. What kind of white beans did you use? Navy? Cannellini?

I love running too, but like you, have been a shut-in since the mercury went below zero. Here's hoping for an early spring!

The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

Those Olympians sure could use some of this dip. I heard on NPR with McDonalds sponsoring the Olympics and all, that the athletes all get free McDonalds. Thanks for nothing, right?

J. said...

Penny: indeed! They ensured we'd come back.

Ricki: Argh, I know! Not to mention Parks and Recreation and The Big Bang Theory. It's like the Olympics has cancelled all comedy.

VV: Thanks! We did have fun!

Allison: My package of beans just says "white kidney beans" but I think they're cannellini. Definitely not navy beans.

OV: I didn't know about the McDonalds thing. That's totally revolting. :( Blargh.

Anonymous said...

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