Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New York Vegan: Babycakes Bakery


So, most of my trip to New York this past weekend involved eating on the run. For instance, on Saturday I had a veggie burger for lunch and another veggie burger for dinner. Although it was out of character for me, I spent most of the trip thinking about things other than food. I chalk this up to the fact that my New York friends are amazing and I don't get to see them often enough.

However! My trip to New York wouldn't have been complete without at least one special vegan field trip. In this case, my friend and lovely hostess, Hallie, took me to Babycakes vegan bakery where we joined the Valentine's Day throngs and came away with some exciting cupcakes.


But I'm getting ahead of myself. First of all, let me say that the bakery itself is adorable! All pink and retro and bright and lovely. It made me have fleeting fantasies of being young again so I could run away to New York City and bake vegan cupcakes all day and go see pop-punk shows every night. Even though in reality the 34 year old me is exhausted just thinking about it.

option paralysis

And you know what the best thing was? In a word: Agave. Yes, my old friend agave, the sweetener that allows me to eat baked goods without totally messing with my wonky blood sugar. Babycakes had a whole bunch of cupcakes that were sweetened only with agave and boy, did that ever make me a happy girl. I selected a pumpkin spice gluten-free cupcake and a chocolate cupcake made with spelt flour. Both were agave-sweetened. No sugar at all. And they packed them up in the cutest box ever.

easy bake

Hallie and I took the cupcakes and some cute heart-shaped sugar cookies over to her friend Joanna's lovely, East Village, exposed-brick, studio apartment and ate them while reclining on pillows, drinking hot beverages, and talking about boys. It made for an excellent afternoon.


Though I have to say, Hallie and I agreed that the spelt chocolate cupcakes were a bit dry. I loved the icing though, seeing as it had all of the creamy-ness of regular icing without the face-melting sweetness. My pumpkin cupcake was delicious, though a bit too muffiny to really be called a cupcake. I wish I'd had the time and money to sample the rest of their baked goods. The brownies and donuts both looked great. And our heart shaped sugar cookie was really tasty.

So that's the only truly exciting vegan news I have from my trip. Perhaps a more food-oriented New York trip is in my future but this one was really more about great friends and fun musical events than it was about eating. I hope this bakery fun is satisfying enough for all of you out there!



ric-rac said...

You know they have a baking book out, right?

Cupcakes are always more exciting in foreign locales. Sounds like your trip is fun!

Katie said...

I want to go there someday! Their desserts look so good! Heck, I need to go to NY one day. =P Vegan paradise!!!

Penny said...

Oh yum! I'm passing this on to all my friends who've migrated over to NY - I wish I could fly over there now!

ciaochow said...

Oh, I love NYC. Babycakes is always a treat. Agave has received some real bad press lately... and I love it in my coffee but am considering ending my relationship with it. I've read it's essentially the same as HFCS and a book I was reading about sugar addiction said something to the effect of "never put this in your body". Yikes! I'm in a bit of a crisis over it now, not knowing what to do.

Daisy Blue said...

This shop looks yummy...

Pearl said...

that sounds like a fun trip. we used agave to make bread but apparently it doesn't feed yeast. so, it's german-style bread, right?

mangocheeks said...

Scotland so needs one of these bakeries!

FrostingShots said...

Thank you so much for posting this! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the bakery and thank you for sharing those lovely photos!

BabyCakes NYC