Monday, October 26, 2009

Imperial Pub Vegan Breakfast

Imperial Pub vegan breakfast

Ottawegian Vegans, can we weigh in on the Imperial Pub's vegan breakfast please? I am torn.

Pro: It is fun to go somewhere and have pancakes.

Con: These pancakes are a bit weird. Like, grainy... or something. And they are supposed to be served with bananas.*

Pro: Potatoes are good.

Con: The first time I ordered this, there was maple syrup on everything and it kind of wrecked the dish.

Pro: The other sidedishes are tasty too, even the baked beans which I normally don't like.

Con: The toast is dry. Vegan margarine would be really nice.

The verdict? I'll continue to eat this, but really I can't wait to see what Imperial Vegan Breakfast 2.0 looks like. It would be cool if it involved something more proteiny, like vegan bacon or tofu scramble. But hooray for The Imperial for even attempting a vegan breakfast, something sorely lacking in most other Ottawa restaurants.

*A personal, rather than universal con. I hate bananas. I order my breakfast without them.



T said...

I can't weigh in having never been, but I do think its funny what some people will serve up to desperate vegans. Just because its vegan doesn't mean it doesn't have to be good! I get really annoyed at some of the DC restaurants for the low quality of vegan stuff compared to the regular food.. but then, you still want to encourage them to keep trying, you know?

Parasol said...

Agreed on the dry toast. Even some jam or PB would be nice. I also didn't like that the mushrooms were swimming in a watery sauce that got other things on the plate wet and goopy. I did like the pancakes though, complete with bananas. I think a tempeh bacon would be a great addition to the plate.

Otherwise, as you said, I'm excited to have a vegan breakfast anywhere. But we should all still demand the best!

Do you have an insider scoop? Is a vegan breakfast 2.0 in the works?

Hilary said...

I probably shouldn't wade into this debate as a non-vegan (and a meat eater, no less!) but those pancakes LOOK weird. I have seen many a vegan pancake in my day and they do not look like that - they look like 'normal' pancakes. Methinks this place could do better...

skylark said...

Yummm, those look like the buckwheat pancakes my grandmother used to make.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Yum! That's my kinda breakfast.