Friday, October 2, 2009

Hotel Room Breakfast


So, for the first day of Vegan Mofo, I found myself in a hotel room in Pembroke, Ontario where I was working for a few days. I've written about Pembroke before, and while it has its merits, it isn't exactly a vegan paradise. Dinners are fine. Breakfasts are another story. Last time I'd stayed overnight I'd ended up eating a crappy Tim Horton's bagel with sugary peanut butter for breakfast. This made me cranky. And I got even crankier when my blood sugar plummeted about an hour after I ate it. This time, I resolved to do better.

Luckily, on my way to dinner I saw a grocery store out of the corner of my eye. Score! And it was a pretty good one too. Full of vegan possibilities. I came home with a bag full of food.

saved by the grocery store

The agave, almonds, and pear were all brought from home, but the almond milk, blueberries, instant oatmeal, sausages, and green smoothie came from the grocery store. I was delighted. My hotel room had both a microwave and a fridge, which made a big difference in my breakfast plans.

In the morning I heated 3/4 cup of water in the pot for the room's coffee maker and dumped in a package of instant oatmeal. On top of that I threw in some blueberries, almonds, and almond milk.

hotel room breakfast

I heated a few of the sausages up in the microwave as well, and drank my smoothie out of one of the very sophisticated plastic cups provided. The meal kept me full and alert for most of the day! I didn't get hungry again until the drive home.

I must disclose the one failure of this excellent plan: the oatmeal turned out not to be vegan! Ack. The last time I bought packaged instant oatmeal was when I was a daycare teacher and we'd give it to the kids as a cosy winter snack. Since I've never bought it for myself, it didn't occur to me that the unflavoured, unsweetened kind would have milk products in it! And I didn't think to check until after I'd eaten it! Lesson learned.



The Voracious Vegan said...

Very creative, that's a delicious looking breakfast.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Good haul and what an awesome breakfast!

Pearl said...

wow, good use of hotel supplies. that's a great solution for breakfast.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That's how we do it! It's so much better that way. I get cranky just thinking about the lack of vegan options at hotels.

A said...

Sorry the oatmeal wasn't vegan but I LOVE that you ate it out of the coffee pot! I use to brew hot water for cup-o-noodles in college. Yeah, I was "that college kid!"