Friday, July 31, 2009

Peach Ginger Smoothie

peach ginger smoothie

I have been waiting, with the degree of impatience I once reserved for Santa Claus, for the first local peaches of the season. Ontario peaches come in cute cardboard baskets with handles and are instantly recognizable. They are also delicious and juicy and perfect for freezing for smoothies.

When I'd finished at my volunteer shift on Tuesday, I clued in that the grocery store was on my way home, and I stopped in to pick up a few essentials. And there they were! Ontario Peaches! All lined up and lovely looking in their baskets. Hoorah!

Of course, when I got to the cash and put my few items on the belt I remembered one thing: I don't bring my wallet with me when I go to volunteer. In fact, when we're trained we're taught to leave valuables at home. I scurried back to the produce section and put my peaches away. Bummer. I had to wait a few more days before I stopped in, with my wallet, to get some. Luckily, this smoothie is worth the wait.

Something about the combination of peaches and ginger is greater than the sum of its parts. They just combine so well, especially in the summer when the peaches are fresh and the weather is, in theory, warm. (Maybe all you west coasters can send us easterners a letter telling us what summer heat is like. Because I think we've forgotten.) Anyway, this is an easy and delightful addition to your breakfast, no matter how dismal the weather is outside.

ontario peaches

Peach Ginger Smoothie

1 banana, peeled, frozen and cut into a few big chunks
1 whole peach, peeled, pitted and chopped into big chunks
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk or soy milk
1 tsp grated fresh ginger

Blend everything together until it's all nice and smooth and there are no gross banana chunks leftover. Serve with sliced peaches or bits of candied ginger if you're fancy.

Some Notes:

-Use your microplane grater or the smallest surface of your big grater to do the ginger. Then you don't end up chewing on bits of ginger while drinking your shake. And everyone by now must know that ginger is so much easier to grate if you keep it frozen all the time. Do it! Your life will change.

-Looks like I'm going to get to go back on TV and do some more cooking demonstrations! If anyone has any suggestions of what I should cook, please let me know. The number of dishes that be demonstrated in under 7 minutes, with only a stove top, while talking, are few and far between!

-I usually put in way more ginger than the recipe calls for, but I didn't want to over-ginger you, my readers. But by all means, use the "to taste" method of ginger distribution. I also freeze my peaches along with my bananas, but that's not required.



A said...

I remember you mentioning Ontario peaches a while back! So glad to see them now! Your shake/smoothie looks wonderful. We are going on vacation to Georgia next month. I may have to pick up some Georgia Peaches and try this. I don't think they sell Ontario peaches anywhere around here so they will have to do :(

Holly said...

That looks amazing! I'm going to try it for sure, too bad my birds found my blender and chewed the cord...all the better reason to get a new, nicer one. ;D

HayMarket8 said...

Your smoothie looks and sounds great! I think I am going to make one this weekend!

selina said...

I'm ALL over that. I have a nice peck of some Indiana peaches waiting to be turned into smoothies.

And no joke about this summer. I mean it is nice not feeling like I'm going to die from heat exhaustion every time I walk out the door, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but some night it so downright cold I put on a sweater. It's just weird.

Cyn said...

That looks so tasty, I love peaches. Do you peel your ginger before you freeze it?

J. said...

A- I think the key is that the peaches are local. Less travel time makes them more delicious! So I bet whatever you've got near you will be wonderful!

Cyn- I don't peel the whole hunk of ginger, but I do slice off one of the large surfaces of peel before I freeze it. Then I just grate the peeled surface and the little bits of peel on the sides are inconsequential.


T said...

Wow, that looks marvelous. Its so hard to get ginger correct in drinks. What a perfect combo!

Helen said...

Just bought Haven Red peaches at the local market, and I am so frig'n excited to make/try this! Love ginger!

OK, so you are going back on TV that's cool and I am completely jealous. I'm into toasted/grilled sandwiches these days. The summer offers so many fresh veggies and fruits the options are endless. So maybe make grilled vegan summer veggie sandwiches. You could teach your audience how to use the same simple ingredients differently. chopped v. puree v. roasted ...I'd be REALLY happy to come help you!