Thursday, July 23, 2009

I miss my stove/ she's all alone/ call it love...


I'm off to Chicago for the Blogher Conference. Yes! Me! I'm a little nervous because usually my days are spent talking to the plants in my garden and cooking and reading books in bed with dogs. And I don't think much of any of those things will happen at Blogher. I'm having high-school style anxiety that everyone will think I'm weird. But I'm going to be brave.

Here is the link to my local TV cooking demo from yesterday. I suspect that maybe it is only viewable in Canada, which is kind of a bummer. Like some kind of inadequate Canadian revenge for the travesty that is Hulu. It was great fun to do and I'd love to do it again. Everyone was quite fun and welcoming and they told me that apparently I'm a "natural", which was very nice.

I'll try to be on the Blogher band wagon and post a bit from the conference. Hopefully the food part of it will be an entertaining adventure. I'm still hoping to make it to the Chicago Diner! And my lovely beat friend and conference roomie, Kat, has a Thai Resaurant in mind for at least one of our dinners! Hooray!



Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Someone else knows the Lemonheads!

BlogHers will love you.

Have a great time and enjoy the Chicago Diner!

selina said...

I <3 the Chicago Diner so I hope you get a chance to experience it!

J. said...

Tami: I keep making Lemonheads references on the blog! I don't mean to do it so often, it is obviously deeply ingrained from my teenage years.

Selina: My plan is to o today for lunch! I can hardly wait!

Vaishali said...

Have fun at the conference! Your TV cooking demo was great. Loved the recipe.