Sunday, May 24, 2009

Very Local Food


The garden is in, and as you can see I'm enjoying a much-deserved beer. This is my first vegetable garden, ever, so I have started small and mostly planted things that seem to grow easily.


tomatoes (Campbell, Brandywine, and Bonny Best)
hot peppers
swiss chard
Italian parsley
(and some marigolds to help keep the pests away)


I am so happy to have things planted. Now I just have to not kill the plants that are already growing and talk sweet to my seeds with the hope that they sprout soon.



HayMarket8 said...

Beets! Consider me jealous! I want a garden!

Heather Moore said...

Did you plant the tomatoes from seeds or seedlings?

Jo Stockton said...

HM8 - stay tuned for updates! On the beets and the rest of it all!

HM- I planted them from seedlings bought at a local garden centre. Next year I want to try some heirloom varieties from seed, but this year I was sticking to the basics!

Heather Moore said...

The reason I ask is that every year I think I should plant some tomatoes and herbs because really - does anything taste better than fresh tomatoes? But I know next to nothing about gardening so I never do it. Booo. Although I do have the perfect spot for the tomatoes and even I know it's a perfect spot. ;)

eileen said...

yay garden! I keep reading about everyone's awesome gardens on the blogs, then getting massively jealous. summer tomatoes in the backyard = you win.

Jo Stockton said...

Ha ha ha. I was actually thinking this morning, while I watered, that I should really appreciate my garden because it is one of the few perks to living in a small city as opposed to somewhere big and more exciting like... oh... let's say... New York! :)

A said...

Awesome garden!! Keep us posted on the progress!