Friday, March 13, 2009

Vacation Food #2 - Vegan Breakfast

veggie breakfast

Just a quick post this time. Sean and I went for breakfast this morning before I left Ventura. We ate at a place called Pete's that I liked for its old timey diner type atmosphere. For some reason the vegetarian breakfast came with a vegan patty and two eggs. I ordered fruit instead of eggs and got this awesome plate of food. Also, there was unsweetened iced tea by the pitcher. God Bless America.



Anonymous said...

Yummy picture!!!

Have you frequented any vegan fast food joints yet?

Good Bless American, but especially California for all of its plentiful vegan fare!:-)

Jo Stockton said...

Agreed! California is fantastic.

Vegan fast food happens later today. I'm psyched!


DJ Karma said...

That looks like a good hearty breakfast for anyone! Hasn't anyone invented a tofu egg yet??

Jo Stockton said...

Karma: The next day in LA we had breakfast at a place that would let you replace eggs with scrambled tofu in any of their breakfast menu items! It was awesome, though not picturesque, so I didn't bother blogging it. I wish that there was a place in my hometown that did that.


Pearl said...

That looks pretty decent.