Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vacation Food #1 - Sushi with Felizon

My California hostess, Felizon, makes sushi that blows my own sushi right out of the water. She gave me some great tips tonight on how to make my own sushi even better. And, because I am nice, I will pass these tips on to you.

sushi ingredients

Felizon says that having a rice cooker makes for much better sushi rice than the conventional cook-on-stovetop method. And she swears by the large, flat bottomed wooden bowl that she put the rice in after it was cooked. I watched her do this and can attest to the fact that the rice cooled quickly. It was also pretty easy to mix in the sushi rice flavouring.


What? Pre-made sushi rice flavouring? Who knew such a thing existed? Not I. Felizon says she doesn't use it very often and urged me not to look at the ingredient list. "It has chemicals in it!" she exclaimed. Yes, it does. But you know, now and again, I can manage a few chemicals in the name of deliciousness.

There are probably a million instructional videos on the internet showing how to roll sushi, but this is ours. It is not very formal, in fact it is really more a record of us chatting than anything else, but you are able to get the basics on how sushi rolls are created. Enjoy!



allularpunk said...

i didn't know they made sushi rice flavoring. weird, but awesome! haven't made my own in awhile, but i'm sure it will be attempted in the near future. by the way, i love your flippable foods rant below. i'm barely able to flip pancakes, let alone crepes. they're just... one of those things that terrify me.

Kat said...

That is wonderful. Love your sushi. Maybe for my birthday you can give me a personal cooking lesson on how to makes sushi and tempura veggies! I'll need to get one of those sushi roller things (where can I buy one?). We can even film it for your site!

Elizabeth said...

I have tended to make up a big batch of sushi rice flavoring (4 to 1 rice wine vinegar to mirin & a little bit of sugar) and store it in a jar in the fridge. When the time comes for sushi you can just add to your taste.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the sushi flavouring - rice wine vinegar and sugar will do it.