Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Easy Tofu Bacon

tofu bacon

I willingly admit that, on weekdays, I eat the same sort of easy breakfast every day. Quick cook oatmeal with almond milk and a bit of maple syrup, fruit smoothie if there's fruit in the freezer, glass of water if there isn't. Also tea. Earl Grey Tea. Which is, as I've said, one of my favourite things. It is right up there with The Man of Science, This American Life, punk rock, and Airstream trailers. Serious love.

Where was I? Oh yes, breakfast. While my weekday breakfasts might be monotonous and spare, my weekend breakfasts (see last post about Spanish Omelets) are fancy. Fancy and tasty.

When I took over the Saturday breakfast making duties at the House of Science, I was a bit of a one trick pony. And my one trick was scrambled tofu with oven roasted home fries. Lovely and filling, but eventually quite boring. I started seeking other vegan breakfast options that were also delicious and full of protein.

Until this highly anticipated book is finally published in May 2009, I am on my own as far as creative breakfast/brunch options go. And apparently, necessity is the mother of the invention of tofu bacon.

Easy Tofu Bacon

1 block of tofu,

1/4 cup of soy sauce
1/4 cup of sesame oil
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

Cut tofu into thin rectangular strips. As thin as you can get them!

Mix other ingredients and pour over strips of tofu. (If you put the strips in a big Ziploc bag and lay them out as flat as possible, they will absorb the most marinade.)

Leave tofu marinading in refrigerator for as long as possible. If you are organized, you will do this before you go to bed at night. I tend to do it about ten minutes before I want to cook the tofu.

To cook, place strips flat in a pan over med-high heat. If there is any marinade that didn't get soaked up, you can pour it over top while the strips are cooking.

Turn strips after a minute or two when they start to brown. Cook them on the other side and then they are ready to serve.

Some notes:

-Don't feed this to anyone who really likes real bacon and expect them to like it. If you do want to feed it to this sort of person, don't call it bacon. It will be like the time my Dad told my uncle in Arnprior that he should see the movie The Piano. To this day my uncle makes fun of my dad for recommending this flakey movie. No one needs to be made fun of for the rest of their lives because they called tofu "bacon".

-If you have a grill pan, you can make slightly bacon-y lines on your tofu, like I did in the photo above.

-Tofu bacon is exceedingly tasty when eaten with pancakes.



Man of Infirmity said...

Those weekend breakfasts do sound fancy!

So, in theory, if you ate a really, really, really big breakfast on the weekend - would that make you - Full of Fancy??


Jo Stockton said...

You are a regular laugh riot.

deBeauxOs said...

I'm going to make those and add a couple of drops of mesquite liquid smoke to the marinade to see if that gives it an extra zing of not-bacon taste. I'll report back on the 'speriment.

David J Horan said...

Arnprior? Do you live in Ontario?

David J Horan said...

Also, if you were SERIOUS enough to write "serious" with all-caps, you would even try smoking the tofu not-bacon.

I may have to try this one out...

rachel said...

YUM. i love not-bacon. definitely add some liquid smoke to the marinade for even more amazingness.

snowystylista said...

I will give your not-bacon tofu a go! I love fancy weekend breakfasts. I think its a very underrated meal! e xxx said...

found your blog from the Ottawa Foodie challenge!

You could also try using smoked sea salt-I think The Salty Don in Kanata sells some.
The smoked salt adds a lot of "grilled" flavor to all foods!